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fotografia | em papel fotográfico | 2011 | dimensões variáveis





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  1. in Hiroshima: e2809cUnlike the current US seytsm, in which such collusion is always to the benefit of CEOs, the Japanese seytsm still keeps in mind that consumers who are healthy and educated (in a certain very specific way) are required if business is to succeed. That’s why public schools and government health insurance are not under attack here. It’s not an ideal of Justice or the Good Life, so much as it a practical solution for order. Still, this solution is far better for run-of-the-mill citizens than the current US seytsme2809dHealthy people live healthy lives, and produce healthy families and communities and cities and societies and nations!e2809cAfter the real estate bubble crashed, the World Bank and other financial types wanted Japan to push the types of changes that other countries underwent – austerity, etc. For some reason, the Japanese government instead decided to take the changes more slowly, and not jettison social safety nets. I’m not sure why they took this path. If I were a researcher/journalist, I would be very interested to discover their reasoning.e2809dThe American mindset about the economy defines the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO, and such international financial organizations. Japanese, like peoples of other KNOWN cultures/nations, are not easily fooled by the obvious Americanization of international financial organizations; they let their common sense and their native cultural norms guide the way they live their daily lives and build their families and communities and cities and societies. And it shows in the type of progress these other peoples make! Those who copy the American trash become worse than America, and they die quicker than America.

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