Duo 02 | K’UN | O Receptivo

Duo I-Ching, Fotografia, séries fotografia



fotografia | 2012





2 comentários sobre “Duo 02 | K’UN | O Receptivo

  1. It’s just great to read you USers laughing and jkniog about Tweedledum and Tweedledee for president. It’s so funny because as Israel’s client state, you scare the shit out of me. You got away with attacking Iraq for no reason and it looks as if you’ll do it again in Iran. But maybe we’ll all go undersinging”The bells of hell go tingalingaling, for you but not for me”…Can’t you DO something about all this?Excuse me for the anon thing – I don’t know how to post otherwise: I tried Open ID but no luck.. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy.

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